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Advanced LED Technology

ChromaWhite 2.0™

ChromaWhite 2.0™ is the most advanced lighting optimised to meet human biological needs for day and night. The Circadian light sources change to not only vary the colour and intensity of light that we see, but also control the amount of blue light throughout the day from stimulating “biological light” to a restful “biological darkness.”
ChromaWhite 2.0™ delivers high efficiency photopic lumens with higher, more efficient, melanopic lumens during the day and delivers high efficiency photopic lumens with lower melanopic lumens at night.
This technology is available in the luminaires on this website controlled by DMX. 
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ChromaWhite 2.0


Available from PhotonStar Technology Ltd. 

halcyon™ is a retrofittable wireless control and monitoring platform (halcyonPRO2™) and a cloud based, scalable, building management system (halcyon cloudBMS™) that together brings new possibilities to business owners and managers. 
It provides real time envronmental, behavioural and energy analytics and automated actions to reduce operational costs, improve saftey, improve efficiency, and improve workplace quality.
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Halcyon Intelligent Building Solutions