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LG7 & UGR19

LG7 is the guide issued by the Society of Light and Lighting (under CIBSE) covering lighting design for offices. The guide highlights the need for glare control and good luminance balance across the main surfaces of the room. This has resulted in LG7 being reduced to its main recommended ratios of 50:30:20 for walls:ceiling:floor.


UGR is an approximate model that expresses the chance of direct glare by a luminaire, the higher the figure, the greater the chance of glare. Example of office area where the requirement of UGR limit is 19 then the value should not exceed 19; the could be lower or equal to 19. UGR19 is the maximum permissible value for offices. 


The challenge for most offices is finding fittings that are capable of achieving both LG7 and UGR19. PhotonStar LED's LuxLoop LED Panel fitting helps in achieving both LG7 and UGR19. We compared LuxLoop vs. a common T5 fitting with a Cat 2 Louvre vs. a LED Panel from a tier 1 manufacturer in three typical office layouts.


See the results here.