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Recommended PSU


Please use the table below to aid in selecting the appropriate power supply unit (PSU). The table shows the light engine, the power and the driver required.

PSL Light Engine Name Power (W) Halcyon Driver
JT2-3000 25.4 CWDVR-2A-700-FWD-HL4
JT2-4000 36.3 CWDVR-2A-1000-FWD-HL4
AR2-1000/Eco1000/Elements 11.2 CWDVR-2A-350-FWD-HL2
MC2-740 7.0 CWDVR-2A-350-FWD-HL2
MC2-1000 10.5 CWDVR-2A-500-FWD-HL2
TN2-675 7.4 CWDVR-2A-350-FWD-HL2
EcoStar600/Elements 5.3 CWDVR-2A-350-FWD-HL2
EcoStar1500/Elements 13.9 CWDVR-2A-700-FWD-HL2