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LED Scoop Light

Koean - LED Scoop Light - PhotonStar Lighting


• Colour tuneable with RGB and pastels option

• Efficacy up to 76 luminaire lumens per circuit Watt

• Up to 2932 delivered lumens

• 355° rotation and 70° tilt

• Dimming options available



Light Engines avaliable: 

 SLLE Fixed White 2300

 SLLE Fixed White 4200

Circadian LED Light Source : PhotonStar LED SLLE circadian

 SLLE circadianMAX colourMAX






Kowan LED Scoop Light Data Sheet - PhotonStar LED




Kowan Installation Instructions : PhotonStar LED

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Installation Instructions


Available Versions


LED Scoop Light

• Datasheet

Installation Instructions

• Price Enquiry


Kowan - LED Scoop Light - PhotonStar LED