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Dimmer Compatibility Information

Please see dimmer compatibility for our compact downlights with the Starling 650 light engine, featured in the Elements II range, below :

Approved Dimmers Starling 1 650 Light Engine with '/DIM' Drivers
Varilight V-PRO 1-10
MK K4511LV 1-10
Danlers DQDGD 2-10
Collingwood DM298GRID 1-10
Schneider GU6012L 1-10
Schneider GU6422LSS 1-10
Hamilton LEDITB100 1-10
Hamilton GRID100LED 1-10
Hamilton IDTE 250W 1-10
Hamilton IDTM 250W 1-10

For up to date information on compatible dimmers for our products, please contact our Technical Support team at :