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Channel 4 - Home of the Future

Welcome to PhotonStar's 'Home of the Future' page.


PhotonStar are a UK designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting. Our high quality LED luminaires are available through electrical wholesalers, and our range of architectural fittings are available directly from our Southampton based technology facility and selected lighting specialists.

PhotonStar's Biodynamic Lighting, Architectural LED luminaires and EcoStar LED luminaires were filmed for the Channel 4 series, Home of the Future. This can now be seen HERE on 4OD.

PhotonStar will be showcasing the EcoStar LED luminaires that were featured at the forthcoming trade show Ecobuild. Read more HERE

Read the full press release HERE

Visit the dedicated Channel 4 'Home of the Future' website HERE

Home of the Future featured three different product ranges from PhotonStar:

Biodynamic Lighting - Emulating the colour of the sun for alertness and comfort. 


We supplied the latest in biodynamic lighting in selected areas in the house to boost alertness, and help to create various ambiances at different times of day:

 - Blue light to help wake up in the morning

 - Cool light to aid focus during the day

 - Warm light to relax in the evening


Unlike many lights on the market which offer these colour changes, the SmartWhite light fittings produce a very high quality of light - meaning the light that helps you wake up in the morning, also enables you to see the true colour of your clothes and makeup. It has also been developed to be one of the most efficient and longest lasting light fittings available today. Operating with the control system as shown in the house enables the lighting to change colour automatically throughout the day, emulating a summer daylight cycle to keep you feeling alert and help you relax at the end of the day.


If you would like to learn more about the effect of light colour on your health and circadian rhythm (body clock), and learn why getting it wrong can make you feel permanently tired, this episode of BBC's Bang Goes the Theory explains it very thoroughly:


Bang Goes the Theory: Series 5, Episode 6


For more information on using biodynamic lighting in your project, ask your architect/lighting designer about SmartWhite by PhotonStar, or email

EcoStar LED luminaires


In the bedrooms and corridors, we installed highly efficient EcoStar luminaires. Unlike LED lamp replacements, the amount and colour of light is genuinely equivalent to a 50W halogen, yet it only uses a fifth of the energy. Made in the UK, the products are an example of some of the best LED lighting available today - as recognised by the many industry awards it has won.


These fittings are simple to install, (with dimmable options) and your electrician can purchase them through electrical wholesalers. For your nearest wholesaler and more information on these luminaires, please visit our EcoStar site dedicated to these high quality LED fittings.

Click here to find your local EcoStar Stockist: Stockist Map

Architectural LED luminaires


PhotonStar design and manufacture a wide range of luminaires for the specification market - lighting designers, architects and consultants. These products are featured in many high end installations all over the world including Dorchester Hotels, Harrods, Porsche Showrooms, Cathay Pacific and even architects offices such as BDP in London.


In the kitchen area, our vespertine fitting provided a modern feel with good quality light in an adjustable square illuminating the work surfaces evenly. The sitting room featured our Lorem Micro (previously Laser Micro) adjustable accent fittings with colour changing RGB light engines.


Our Architectural fittings have a range of options, including being supplied with a biodynamic (white colour tuneable) light engine, or select from high output, best efficiency or most cost effective. All fittings are covered by a UK warranty with full technical support from our offices in Hampshire.


For more information, please read more on our main website, ask your architect/lighting designer about PhotonStar, or email


If you are outside of the UK, please contact our export department who will provide details of PhotonStar distributors in your country,