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Design & Manufacture in the UK



PhotonStar’s award winning formula includes a commitment to UK manufacture at a time when most LED products are manufactured in Asia. We also recognise that when it comes to reliability, it really matters how you design and assemble a product, and rigorous and complete testing is essential.


Keeping both R&D and manufacturing in house permits us to ensure quality is maintained. PhotonStar products are modular and designed to be assembled with minimal labour, keeping our products competitive without losing our quality control. We also have a UK based sales support & technical team.

The breadth of technical knowledge in our facility and full in house test labs enables us to optimise designs for both performance and reliability.                  

UK led manufacture

The assembly stage is key to longevity, and PhotonStar’sproduction lines include a final test for every unit ensuring that the product performs as expected.

A sample of luminaires are put on long term test in our photometric lab, and their performance plotted to determine lifetime of the whole product. We now have some of the longest “in luminaire” test data in the world (20,000 hours).

PhotonStar’s UK based R&D team understands that efficiency, control, functionality and local intelligence are key to developing the lowest lifecycle cost, solid state lighting solutions available today.

Uk LED manufacture

Efficient & Control

  • Drive towards ultimate efficiency LEDs - LEDs have the potential to reach 330lm/W
  • Smart biodynamic functionality such as CCT and CRI control
  • Autonomous intelligence, presence dimming and appropriate light utilisation saves significant energy

Full Solutions

  • Emergency lighting and a broad collection of LED drivers to suit a range of applications
  • Compatibility with existing and future lighting control and building management systems

Product Design

  • Bespoke solutions developed rapidly using quality components and latest computer aided design tools
  • Full in house optical testing referenced back to NPL and LIA
  • Full in house testing of optical and thermal performance

Designed for Lighting

  • LED product rated lifetimes are long, making aesthetics important as luminaires will last a lifetime
  • genuine performance and photometric files for use with lighting design software
  • Designed for simple and easy replacement of traditional lighting

Longest Lifetime

  • Excellence in thermal management
  • Products are engineered to the highest ambient temperatures to increase overall lifetime
  • Full in house reliability testing and quality control codes of practice


  • Avoidance of environmentally harmful materials - RoHS compliant
  • Designed for the longest lifetimes and reusable to minimise life cycle costs 
  • Use of recycled materials where possible in all products