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Independent Bench Test- LUX Magazine  

"Best Halogen Downlight Replacement"


Leading industry magazine "LUX" selected the market leading LED replacements  for 50W MR16 halogen and submitted them to 42 Partners in Wolverhampton for thorough independent tests.

Tests were carried out in accordance with EN13032 in an integrating sphere at a stable 25°C.

Following the results, LUX recommended the PhotonStar™ Lorem (previously Laser) with Mercury 810 light engine at 3000K as the best halogen downlight replacement.


"The 55 luminaire lumen per watt metric of part L2 is not an easy bar to reach, especially in a warmer colour temperature but the [PhotonStar™] Laser (Now Lorem) with the new Cree XPG engine at its heart hits it comfortably"


"A lot of product for the price" -


In May 2011 LUX listed PhotonStar LED ltd. as one of Britain's 20 hottest manufacturers as part of "The Power List".

Read more about this on page 62 of LUX magazine May 2011 issue HERE

ExCeL Centre, London

Elite Renewables

"To complete the LED lighting upgrade to the central boulevard [at ExCeL] and match with the LED high bays already installed in 2010 we required a twin CFL equivalent. Our client had trialled an LED luminaire from Philips and another which we had offered. However, the Nemesis from PhotonStar™ was considered the best match in terms of aesthetics, quality of light and warranty"


Following the installation our client has experienced:

  • Improvement in lighting
  • Better visitor experience
  • 50% reduction in energy usage
  • No maintenance


View this case study HERE

Graham Festenstein, PLDA


"Great products. We have researched this field extensively and PhotonStar LED luminaires are consistent in performance and quality. Good output, excellent efficacy, dim well with good build quality. I will certainly continue to use them on appropriate projects."


George Evennett, Greenway and Lee Architects


"The trimless PhotonStar™ fittings look excellent - we like them a lot. They are a great find as we tend to stick to other big brands but the PhotonStar trimless seem to be an unbeatable product and we would like to start using them on other commercial and residential projects"

BDP Architects


" Our offices in London used a combination of indirect linear fluorescent, desk mounted task lighting and track mounted spotlights. These three lighting elements add up to create a flexible and efficient lighting scheme. However, with around 350 50W halogen spotlights there was clearly opportunity for better efficiency.

The decision was taken to investigate replacing the ten year old 50W halogen spotlights in the ground floor hub area, and research quickly showed that the PhotonStar™ LED spotlight offered a very good combination of light quality, lumen package and price.

Calculations show BDP is saving just over £2,000 a year on electricity and maintenance due to replacing 100 halogen spotlights with the new LED spotlights. After 6 months of successful operation BDP has decided to purchase a further 250 LED spotlights so that all halogen and compact fluorescent track luminaires in the building can be removed. This will give an annual saving of around £7,500 on electricity and maintenance and will mean lighting conditions are improved in the office areas.

This exercise has shown that investment in quality lighting equipment will substantially reduce future costs and improve lighting conditions."


View this case study HERE

Chevin Housing Association 


" The refurbishment of 54 flats in Doncaster is part of our Decent Homes Improvement Works and includes a range of additional measures to combat fuel poverty. Although currently the Code for Sustainable Homes does not apply to retrofit, we anticipate some guidance on this within the next year or so and wanted to be one step ahead of the game.

We had already assessed a range of generic LED and other low energy solutions as part of our 'Retrofit for the Future' solution, and the PhotonStar™ fittings offered the best combination of genuine performance, lifetime potential, excellent light quality, product quality and legislative compliance. Their high level of recyclability & UK manufacture is key to our sustainability agenda.

Following the inclusion of PhotonStar in our proposals, we assessed the feasability of using the PhotonStar™ light fittings at our Danesthorpe site. We are constantly looking to reduce the carbon footprint of our housing stock, and invest in innovative ways of achieving this based on longer term benefits and payback. Although initially the PhotonStar™ products were more expensive, our assessment of the long term maintenance savings for us, and operational savings for the tenant was the primary deciding factor.

We had historically spent a considerable amount on maintaining damaged fixtures and fittings, and with such an excellent quality product and the 5 year warranty, we anticipate huge savings on callouts to replace fixtures and fittings. The tenants should see electricity savings in excess of 80% for their lighting as well as the savings from not having to replace the bulbs."


View this case study HERE

Jonathan Ashe Architects


"We have a long track record with PhotonStar and have been specifying them since the company started. We know that we can specify their products with the confidence that they will perform and that they will satisfy Building Regs. We like the fact that we can send them over our M+E schematics and someone will specify the fittings, looms, drivers etc for us."


"Also, PhotonStar make it easy for us to promote them to our clients by having ranges of interesting, innovative products that one of their reps will demonstrate to our clients at home, and the fact that they keep winning all the important lighting awards!"


image courtesy of Michael Maynard, Number Nine Design

Jeff Naman, BSEC Designs (Consulting Engineers)


" We have found PhotonStar™ very helpful in providing samples, quotations and photometric data for their luminaire range and have been very impressed with the quality and light output of the luminaires. To date we have not found any other products meeting the PhotonStar standard and quality."

Harvey Goddard, RHB Partnerships


"We still maintain that they [PhotonStar] are ahead of other manufacturers. A contractor recently installed an equivalent that was comparable on paper to the PhotonStar Ecostar, but was not as good after we had reviewed the completed installation. The output from the PhotonStar products appears to be far superior to other products on the market that we have reviewed in the last year."

Charlotte Murray, BarclayHouseLondon B&B

"Before new guests arrive, I am able to adjust the lighting perfectly so that when the guests walk into their room for the first time there is a real 'wow' feeling of warmth, elegance and a modern twist on Victoriana. Just what they were hoping for!"