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Quality & Lifetime Testing


There are a vast number of LED modules and packages on the market and not all are created equally.  Some have inflated claims of efficiency, lumen output, overall lifetime and colour stability. To ensure that PhotonStar™ produce the best available LED lighting products, only high-bin LEDs are used from manufacturers who have reliable and accurate performance data on their products. Luminaires are design to achieve the best performance from our LED modules, keeping them as cool as possible for maximum lifetime and efficiency. Light engines and luminaires in this catalogue are developed using LEDs from manufacturers such as Lumileds and Cree.

PhotonStar™ ensure the quality of all luminaires through careful product design, rigorous design testing and long term lifetime testing. To ensure that finished luminaires are consistent with the original design, 100% product testing is employed on the production line with full serial number traceability of optical and electrical key parameters. As a result, luminaires manufactured by PhotonStar™ are offered with a 5 year warranty.

led testing equipment


Every LED lighting product from PhotonStar™ has a unique serial number. Every LED luminaire has a fully traceable LED light engine and PhotonStar™  designed custom data logging equipment and software records the:

  • • LED type
  • • LED colour point and flux bi
  • • The luminaire colour point – the exact CCT  
  • • The luminaire Colour Rendering Index (CRI)  
  • • The on-axis brightness

PhotonStar™ electrically test 100% of the luminaires produced and every product is colour binned and labelled against ANSI C78.377-2008. The on-axis brightness measurement ensures that the  luminaire shipped is consistent with the product specifications

CeilingStar LED downlight

Lifetime Testing


Every new luminaire light engine or LED module produced by PhotonStar™ is lifetime tested in accordance with the LILG guide to ensure that customers receive products that are consistent with the lifetime claims stated. A statistically significant set of luminaires are placed on long term test and for each luminaire family two different ambient operating temperatures are monitored, one at standard 25ºC ambient and another at an elevated temperature at least 10ºC higher than ambient.

These are then periodically tested in PhotonStar’s photometric lab and their performance plotted  to determine the lifetime of the whole product. All key electrical and optical parameters are measured  including the LED board temperature.

The CeilingStar (CS5) was first launched in February 2008 and is now in its 6th generation – each more efficient than the last. The first generation has been on test since 23/06/2008. Generation 3 has over 30k hrs on test and Generation 4 has over 18K hours on test. This shows build standard heritage of more than 6 years or 40,000 hours.

All previous generations of the CeilingStar demonstrate less than 8% loss in luminous flux over the industry standard 6k hrs test, fully supporting our L70F10 rated lifetimes.


Following a recent project survey, it was revealed that all versions of the CeilingStar are enjoying a failure rate of less than 1 in 1000 products in the last 2 years.

Lifetime Testing